Raji James
Raji James - Articles and Links

Raji James - Articles and Links


Ex-EastEnders star Raji James joins Hollyoaks 24 August 2021


When we were all nuts about Merthyr soap Nuts & Bolts - Wales Online (19 Feb)
30 Years of British Asians in EastEnders - Desi Online (18 Feb)
10 Times The Worlds Of Doctor Who And EastEnders Collided - What Culture (18 Feb)


At the time the only bespoke - gigglebeats (21 July)


'Airborne' Trailer Soars Online - SoundOnSight (16 June)
Hit the Call Button for the Stewardess - 28DLA (15 June)


Ursula le Guin gives away film rights - i09 (27 July)
Field of Vision - Beaconsfield (23 July)


The Unforgettable is not quite so - Rediff (11 September)
Review: The Unforgettable - Buzz (September)
Sofia Hayat Talks The Unforgettable - FemaleFirst (August)
Unforgettable Lovemaking now on film - InDango (July)
Fundamentalists attack the Unforgettable - Glamsham.com (May)
Movie Preview - The Unforgettable - Movie Blog (26 March)


Selection of videos on YouTube
Brutalist Promotion - Gail Pickering (4 Nov)
For the love of pod - Interview, Chortle (13 Oct)
TV Raji cocks up pod, Daily Star (Wed 30 July)
Dirty Den's Naked Fury (April)
Digital Spy (April)
The Tech - Online Edition (March)
Chortle 2008 Awards (February)


Raji James on his new film and on-screen sex (August)
Asians in Media (July)
Sydney Morning Herald - Kick (June)
Evolution Publishing - Kick (June)
The Australian - KicK (June)
TV Tonight (June)
SBS - Kick (June)
The Age - Multiculturism with a Kick (June)
Provoked (May)
Doctor Who Online Forum March (Registration required)
The Great Portsmouth Run October 2007 (March)


Twitch Film - Nina's Heavenly Delights (September)
Movie Pie - Provoked (September)
Shooting People - Nina's Heavenly Delights (August)
Outpost Gallifrey: Review (August)
The Mirror - Eastend pair off to Dr Who(January)
Kasterborous (January)


Get that celeb smile (May)
The Mirror - Surveillance (January)


The Sun - What to watch tonight (October)
The Mirror - Raji: Dull plots got us axed (October)
The Sun - Where are they now? (June)
The Mirror - Fowl Play: Mean Vic beds Ash (March)
The Mirror - Ash's Dad war is for real (January)
Portsmouth College News (January)


Portsmouth Today - Soap star shows old school his skills (July)
BBC - Eastenders (Raji James plays Ash Ferreira)
The Mirror - Eastenders' star slams stereotypes (May)
The Northern Echo - Eastenders: Going up East (May)
This is London (March)
Redhotcurry.com (March)


Ciao.co.uk - 10 best looking celebrities (June)
Nuts and Bolts unbuttons the lips (July)


Hello Magazine Profile


The Pleasure Man review
Asian Woman Magazine (Registration required)
Wikipedia - Vik Singh (2000-2002)
Reminder list of Distinguished Achievements in 2000


The Independent Moti Roti, Royal Court, London

Photo by John Clark (2006)